learning the Universal Laws with the 12 sided fidget cube

I have written a book which will help you easily learn the Universal Laws.

It uses the 12 sided fidget cube

It started with the ripple which was created by the movie “the Secret.” People who followed the teachings were given such personal power over their lives. Most people would stop there, and just apply that one universal law of attraction. The doors were open for the wise to share the remaining laws. The people who sought more knowledge like this refined what they already knew and became masters of creating the lives which they wanted. The ignorant disregarded these gifts and did not even heed the warnings of the golden rule. Traveling down the path of ignorance they became more and more helpless. Frozen by fear, not knowing what or how to get the things they wanted. When the answer to an empowered, joyful life was always there for them to study and understand. 

This book teaches by example, the seven universal laws. 

It offers a method of easy to do fidgeting on the 12-sided fidget cube, all while focusing on the laws.

If you have ever heard the teachers say in order to get wealthy in business, you must act in a “certain way,” you’d recall that that way is: “by law.”

Also, we are told that it does not matter what work you do, as long as you do “by law.”

combining these two truths and simplifying the connection between thought and work, 

“CONTROL – using the 12-sided fidget cube with the universal laws” aims to offer a way to slowly grow the habits of consideration and thoughtfulness. Characters of integrity will come from this work to all who need it. With “truth” being the goal of this path. 

It will help people see beyond the intuitive deduction of feelings in others. 

These same people will be able to think and do so much more.

Living by law enables people to create the lives they want. Stepping beyond competition and taking responsibility for their free will. Emotional freedom is just a by-product. 

Readers should become free from the nonsensical emotional recklessness of the ignorant “doing as you feel.” 

In their evolution, those kinds of acts should become flat-out unacceptable.



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