Emotional Maturity & Emotional Intelligence



What is Emotional Maturity and Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional maturity refers to your responsibility when it comes to emotions. Are you able to respond to situations? Instead of letting the past dictate how you act, can you understand and manage your emotions? In Cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional maturity is observed through your thoughts and behaviors. Your emotions shine through when you act and think in a positive way. When we are faced with a freeze, flight or fight situation, your level of emotional maturity is one of the biggest factors in determining your ability to respond.

Don’t react the same way twice if it’s not working that’s re-tureded

Karma is when something happens which is similar to an experience you’ve had before. You might just react the same again. Or you can stop to choose and emotion and your behavior and thoughts will be more proactive.

Anger towards a 5 year old girl for crying out loud.

My friend has a baby girl about 5 years old. Often times when we’re together, the girl will cry for no reason. Now, I’m not cold-hearted in any way, but judging by the looks of my friend, I can sense some resentment or anger.

So what is the outcome of feeling this way? Well, it’s frustration and annoyance.

Choose your emotions, keep your hand on the wheel.

But how about instead of feeling this, we be grateful? The whole situation turns into a learning experience where everyone can grow. Just by changing the emotion.

When you’ve emotionally mature, you take responsibility for your own life. We should not criticize people, in the example of my friend and her daughter. Can you see how changing your own emotions leads to something more?

Judging others is pointless. Experiencing your feelings is a vital component of emotional maturity. And being able to change them is responsible. 

Emotional maturity communicates itself through your care, concern, and empathy for others.

Self-image is so important. When you have emotional maturity, you can respond in better ways. We’re able to enjoy love joy and laughter with friends.

Our happiness and fulfillment are in our hands. And everything is in our brain.

Releasing old emotional baggage.

Do not suppress your emotions! When you don’t want to let them out: there is a tendency for that emotion to resurface as something even uglier.

Instead, I highly recommend Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT can help you release the emotions which are not in-line with how you want to be. Tapping will give you a clear picture of which emotions are stuck and still running your life. When you tap, often something will popup and you’ll get an a-ha moment.

Did you know that if your emotions build up in your body, you can wind up sick? Emotions can seriously affect your health. It’s good to release them safely with EFT.



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“According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there is an emotional component in 85% of all illnesses! Tapping is the most effective technique I’ve ever come across for addressing those emotional issues and bringing the body back into balance.”
-Dr. Kim D’Eramo, founder of The American Institute of MindBody Medicine

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