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The thing you must give which costs nothing is:


For all who have the opportunity to earn tips

Here’s how to triple your tips in 30 days:

A long time ago, a man I knew shared with me, how he helped

every waiter or waitress how to double or even triple their tips within 30 days.

And I will happily show you how.

This is based on the law of vibration and attraction,

Download the Universal law Cheatsheet

CONTROL – Using the 12-Side Fidget Cube with Universal laws to create the life you want and not compete: Helps people to learn to live in harmony with and create with the seven Universal Laws

He has real proof that his idea works, measurable proof!

He told me a story of how he would ask every server, one question: 

“How would you like to earn

More tips,

Double tips,


Even Triple the tips?”

(within 30 days!) he added.

And most everyone would say yes. Everyone was interested to hear “how.”

He told them there were a couple of rules.

  1. They would have to do things a  little bit differently
  2. They would have to do exactly what he told them to do
  3. Most importantly, they’d have to share the results with him, in 30 days.

The secret is this:

  1. They must keep accurate results
  2. They have to account the tips they got last week
  3. and then start a new account of records starting today.

From that exact moment on, 

For every table you come across, you send “praise” to everyone.

(It’s a silent vibration, a wave of praise, from a sincere thought of “Praise“)

Think of praise and allow it into your heart,

allow this vibration to reach outward to your guests

There is no need to say it

when you act in this way:

  1. Your customers will feel good
  2. You will feel good
  3. Your workplace will buzz with positive energy
  4. Your boss will be pleased with what you have done for his business

It’s Win-Win-Win

  • You win
  • Your customers win
  • Your boss wins


Try Wishing:

  • The whole family well, every member
  • The life and story (you do not need to really know it)
  • What’s going on in their lives right now
  • Or the 2 friends (the couple)
  • Or the businessman’s life

Send this sincere praise for

  • all the good they are doing
  • what goodness they want to accomplish
  • for what victory of whatever struggle, they might have had

praise to them. Wish them well.

And handle your duties without saying a word.

But silently, in your inner world every time you come near, send this wave of positive energy to the people there.

People will pick up on this, you’ll be able to tell!

those who don’t know what to say will just praise 🙂

Isn’t that great?

In 30 days…

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    Master Your Emotions

    It’s simple to master your emotions. This is explained with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. the ABC’s of CBT. Here’s an explanation, when something comes up in your life “A” most people are reactive thinkers. They jump straight to “C” an emotional response. Not many people use the “B” step which is also known as FREE WILL. You have the ability to apply any meaning to “A,” and thereby master your emotions. This requires thought, and you will see not many people do this, in fact only about  2% of the population even know of this.

    Develop Character

    How to develop character should be obvious to you now, here are some examples:

    An even greater idea is to find out which archetype personality you are.

    So for the ABC’s of CBT

    Let your “B” be the purpose of your archetype, assign that meaning onto situations, it’s all for your development!

    Create a Positive Atmosphere

    This comes naturally when you send out the vibration of praise. Think of your body as a tool for the mind. Think praise, and let it into your subconscious (your body.) You will feel praise and others will pick up on it.

    Utilize the Law of Attraction

    When you practice this, the Law of Attraction will send good people your way, which is good for your boss and you. People who feel good about what they do will gravitate to you.


    Funny joke, if you are going for a job interview, the best of luck to you. If you are asked for references, give them the list and try sending… you guessed it! a wave of praise! 🙂 

    Also, you can put on your resume that you’ve empowered your fellow worker in this way.





    Please Donate to the Receding Hairline Support Group

    All proceeds go to Growing Hair Back

    Research and Development


    Friends, I know you might be working this job to pay for school, or you are working because you need to support yourself. I know you are doing it really well. I just want to suggest that you don’t just work just for money, may you work for satisfaction. May you work a day so that when you are finished that day, you have learned a new skill which will help you in life. Please take a look in my “Gift Catalog” for such ideas.

    And if you are a student, remember, one of the worst things you can do while you study, is: Not developing your character, do not commit this sin.

    Knowledge without Character
    As dangerous as a little knowledge is, even more dangerous is much knowledge without a strong, principled character. Purely intellectual development without commensurate internal character development makes as much sense as putting a high-powered sports car in the hands of a teenager who is high on drugs. Yet all too often in the academic world, that’s exactly what we do by not focusing on the character development of young people.
    kindness, fairness, dignity, contribution, and integrity are worth keeping. So let’s start with values that are unarguable and infuse them into our education and work. In our corporate training and development programs. Let’s achieve a better balance between the development of character and intellect.




    Good Luck! Have Fun!