Monkey Fist Spiritual Tool

monkey fist accesssory decoration for spritual healing

Standard Diameter: 1.5″ / 1.5 Inches 

Metric Diameter: 38.1mm 

Material: Plastic Plastic balls offer a way to make MonkeyFist Key chains which can’t be used as a weapon. Safety first, These monkey fists key chains are just for decorations only. 

A great accessory for purses or backpacks Can be used as an Essential oil type of perfume ball be careful oil will run onto thing the ball is touching. Can also be used to teach Emotional Intelligence Follow the 7 steps. every time you master an emotion, rub this ball like a “gratitude rock” Say “thanks!” Or every time you practice your intuition  Here’s how to do that: then rub the ball and say “thanks!” You can store a lot of energy in this ball if every time you did something good you rubbed it. Eventually, you can use this stored energy to heal =)  haha! give it a try! accessory for bags Click Here to purchase Energy Healing Classes – Learn how to Heal as an act of kindness

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