Natural Pain Relief – back – neck – gout – muscle – knee

Natural Pain Relief - back - neck - gout - muscle - knee


Pain Relief! A natural way to heal no matter what the issue. Natural Pain Relief – back – neck – gout – muscle – knee – etc. The cause of these issues is negative emotions. 

When you clear the emotional build-up with EFT, you will get rid of the pain. Emotional Freedom Technologies is easy to use for self-care. It’s simple and effective.

If you are in pain right now, Here’s how following the video can lead to Instant Relief. Get rid of your pain, treat it with EFT.

It’s a little bit hard to believe, by the looks of it..

But please don’t judge a book by it’s cover because this method worked for me.

And it will work for you as well.


Tap on your issue, focus on your pain while tapping, be sure to follow the script when tapping.

“Even though I had [Issue]…”

Tap and remind yourself of the issue you are tapping on.

“This [issue]…”

And tap along

EFT has been proven to be effective, by science.

Here’s  some info:

Studies by the Harvard Medical School revealed that Tapping can drastically reduce or eliminate stress in the amydgala.

Dr. Dawson Church, one of the world’s leading experts on energy psychology, conducted a study where the cortisol levels were measured on participants after one hour of Tapping. The results showed a reduction of 24%-50% in cortisol levels—compared to the control group who experienced a nearly insignificant reduction!

A study from Energy Psychology Journal confirmed that the benefits from EFT are the result of the Tapping process and not a placebo effect. “Tapping on acupoints, combined with the vocalization of self-affirming statements, appears to be an active ingredient in EFT rather than an inert placebo. The results were consistent with other published reports demonstrating EFTs efficacy for addressing psychological conditions in students.”

Countless anecdotal evidence, like this story by Serina Deen, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry who experienced a powerful session that turned her into a believer. “It’s non-invasive, rapid-acting, can be self-administered, and I did feel the benefits myself, firsthand.”


Special Product:

If you are amazed at how this works, and want to help people with it. There is a way to do it spiritually (without touching people.) If you want to know how to give EFT to people without physical touching.. Do this test:

Grab a hold of someone’s guilt meridian point. Use your imagination, pretend that you are grabbing hold of this point on someone. 

Shown here in red:

EFT guilt Meridian

If you see a change in body language then you have the power. You can release the guilt for them (Send energy to this point with the intent to release the emotion) And you have the ability to hold their guilt (Focus on this point with energy, grab and hold)

here’s more information about this:

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Void Touch Manual

Accessing Emotions Spiritually – with the EFT meridian points. Imagine if all you had to do to get someone to feel proud was give energy to the corresponding Meridian Point.

Or if you want to release someone’s Guilt, all you had to do was send energy to knock it out of their system.

Void Touch lists all the Emotions Covered by EFT meridian points.



eft meridian points


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