Racism in America and the Law of Attraction

racism and law of attraction joke
racism and law of attraction joke

If you know about the law of Attraction you should not be bothered by racism in America. Or anywhere else for that matter.

If a person is truly ignorant about the golden rule

“Treat others like you would like to be treated.”

They are in for a shock.

Because whatever you give out comes back to you.

It is a popular thought today that “Kindness is the new cool.”

That’s considered as modern beauty, aesthetics are changing.

you don’t have to be anti-racist, but consider what you could give to a person who is racist towards you.

You could develop your intuition. 

use intution when confronted with racism
use intution when confronted with racism

Intuition is one of the six faculties of mind

  • Memory
  • Perception
  • Imagination
  • Will
  • Intuition





racism-stepping-stone intuition
racism-stepping-stone intuition


Using racism as a stepping stone to build intuition


If someone has directed racism to you, why not exercise your intuition? Hone in on something which the person has done to get thanks from another. Then Praise that. You could be interested in something else as well. Gratitude is ok and does not really affect the situation in a negative way.

Here’s how:

So you can see, as this person is surely going to have a bad day sooner or later due to the Law of Attraction, you could at the same time elevate your consciousness. Your intuition could grow if you use this kind of thing as a stepping stone to greater things.

Have you heard of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich?”

Since you are using one of the faculties of mind, you are thinking. and therefore on your way to getting rich  =) .

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