To really use the time you spend at work, consider one of these seeds. These seeds are paths you can go down to improve yourself. They help others while helping you. For example, you can spend your time developing your character with the Seed of Character Development. Time could be spent learning a healing method with the Seed of the Healer. You will be able to ease the pain of others. Another idea to use time in a way which will benefit you greatly is by learning the universal laws, and applying them. The Seed of Enlightenment will show you how and you will increase your floor control skills. That seed will show you how to serve the law, and in turn, the Laws will serve you.

If you wish, with all 3 seeds you can help someone get a better self-image, and empower them with a tool which you create by combining the knowledge of emotional meridian points on the body (seed of the healer) and one or some of the universal laws (seed of enlightenment)

With this, they will be completely refreshed and have a new perspective on life. Plus they’ll have a great time showing their friends, and their friends will probably come to see you too. *viral marketing

The best deal and the most powerful combination of easy to apply knowledge is the “Ticket of Purpose.” With all 3 seeds: get ready take complete control of your life. If you never liked the way that people were telling you what to do, and the results are not to your liking, I’m sorry about that. It’s all for your own development, but if you do feel that way, feel free to be responsible for your own life from this moment forward.$19.99

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