The Irishman – The Law of Relativity

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The Irishman

A film by Martin Scorsese

The universal law of relativity was abused by the mafia in the movie “The Irishman.” Martin Scorsese directed this Netflix film which you can watch right now.  New stories of mafia life are presented to you over 3 hours. The actors of Italian Mafia movies from the 90’s are also here in this one. 

Here is a review:

“But great gangster stories are dead, and The Irishman officially draws the curtain. Here, Martin Scorsese completes his saga, getting the old gang back together for a poignant farewell to the dark, seductive fantasy of the criminal underworld.”

Dani Di Placido

This is a write up about how the universal law of relativity can be seen in this film. The universal law of relativity states that nothing can be good or bad.. black or white.. hot or cold.. without comparing it to something else. The film shows us that the criminal mob way is relativity better than a normal life in four areas: the Italian mob, the mafia life, mob boss influence, and the authority of henchmen.

Italian mob culture was the focus of this film. All other cultures were not really represented. Slurs like “Jew” and “Wop” were used, although the actors were seen visibly apologetic in the execution of those lines. Italian mob culture was made to seem more great. “Burn the business down, put it out of commission.” Because that business was run by “Jews.” Bad right? Well that guy gets shot in the head later anyway. The idea being that the mafia run business should be given a better chance to thrive. Italian mob businesses are better.

Mob life was depicted as a life of high prestige. Where if you were part of it, you were “taken care of.” But all others with no such connections were just people who had to kneel before and obey them. They’d be seen paying money and having to do as the Mafia says. It would be better for you to listen to the mob. The mob gives you an “offer you can’t refuse.” So, the Mafia way was more privileged than that of the hardworking shop keepers. The way of the mob can be unfair and against the law, but it’s better than resisting them.

A higher rank meant, the more respect you got. The more power. The more influence, the more money. As a high-ranking mob boss meant that you gave orders instead of taking them. Underlings just had to obey and were not expected to question, act for themselves or think twice. If they got caught, it’s the guy who committed the crime that must go to jail.

The people who were assassinated by the henchmen were so expendable that no one would bother to object to the order. Dying at the hands of henchmen meant you did something wrong to the mafia. And in death your final service was to remind others of mafia power. The hired killers were told to kill and even thought it seems like they were animals, they had a better chance of survival than people who got in the mob’s way.

The final picture which was painted was one of regret. It showed that ultimately a life of crime will catch up to you. So, either live like a criminal or live the freedom of the American dream.

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