Cognitive Behavior Therapy Techniques

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Technique for Customer Service

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Technique for Customer Service


When I reached out for an unopened gift, what I pictured was a sphere with a shiny metalic layer.  The layer was just a spot on the bottom, but then soon covered the whole ball. It slowly wrapped it up and surrounded it completely. This reminded me about CBT and how the three parts: Thoughts, Emotions, and Behaviours are interdependant.

So it was quite fun, yesterday at the shop I was trying to see if I could affect behaviour by setting up thoughts and emotions. As these two things were set, a corresponding behaviour naturally occured.


I got them to think, “Wow, I smell good.” 

Then I set up the emotion “Wow, I’m so embarrased what if someone smelled me?”

Funny thing was the behaviour of smelling good happened.


How to Formula for Affecting…


Change the emotion and change the the behaviour


Change the thought and set up the behaviour


Set up the emotions, and change the thought

Remember it’s easier to start with the end in mind. That way you can build from inside out.

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