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CONTROL  learning the Universal Laws with the 12 sided fidget cube I have written a book which will help you easily learn the Universal Laws. It uses the 12 sided fidget cube It started with the ripple which was created by the movie “the Secret.” People who followed the teachings were given such personal power […]


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Forgiveness – Leaving the emotional baggage behind This is a great tool, when you want to take attention off you, and put it onto Jesus. With this tool, you can completley erase any feelings of guilt. For whatever sin, your customer has done, any guilt which remains will be abolished. Effect: True Forgiveness Feeling $1

Basic Energy Work [Required Tool] Reiki

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Your Reiki Dreams are About To Come True… Hello, Yes, your Reiki dreams really are about to come true,because… …I’ve just finished reviewing what is probably thefinest and most complete Reiki Master training package on the internet today… The presentation and content are quite simply incredible. Just, take a look at everything you get – […]

Wake up

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Wake up call Sometimes people go through a part in their life where nothing is going for them. They are “bananas.” They are depressed, hostile, unhappy. They never see anything to be grateful for Everywhere they look they see reason to be sad and angry The Effect of this method will show people what is causing their […]