Hair and Beauty Salon Customer Service Ideas

Hair and Beauty Salon
Customer Service Ideas

Rule #1 Give more in Use-value than you take in Cash-value

You must learn to give more in use-value than you take in Cash-value. That is the secret to success. Customers want Emotions, a Higher Status, and to have a good time! You can give them a lot for their money, here is one way of doing it.

When there are 2 or more customers…

You will need a female customer and a male customer. They are about to mingle and engage each other. Both will learn and try somehting new at your salon.

If nothing it will give them both a chance to be pro-active.

Teach your female customer how to clear

For those times when someone tries to project something on you, and your body get’s all woo-woo.

We’ll use the Hawaiian ho’oponopono “Ha” method.

It is easy to do. Picture a square that is equal on all sides. Explain how to your guest.

Breathe in for about 10 seconds. 

hold breath for 10 seconds.

Breathe out for 10 seconds.

hold breath for 10 seconds.

This is one round of the “Ha”

Ask your male customer to test her out

Ask him to try to persuade your female customer. To picture how this looks like think of the term: “Covert-Hypnosis.” When he does…

None Shall Pass!

Get your Female guest to clear it with the “Ha” method. You’ll soon be able to see how accurate this method is.

Why these ideas are good for business..

Security is an emotion that’s listed under the power wants category. So is “higher status.” As well as sexual attraction. Helping people be proactive is good for thier lives, and giving them this clearing method might be something they never even heard of before. It’s a new option for them. It’s just for fun, but it sure is time well spent. Think if you will, of something that you are good at. It’s very likely that when you were a child, you planted a seed for it when you were just “playing around.”

Have fun!



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If you want to speed this clearing process up faster…

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