Encouraging Kids to Do what they Love and Flourish

Encourage kids to grow, and help them know what they love. Help them flourish. Any customers with kids will love this method. It gets kids to think of possibilities, it’s pure positivity.

Help Young Adults Flourish How-to

This is a simple method, all you have to do is ask the kids this question: 

“What are your two favorite subjects in school?”

Wait for their response, and then follow up with:

“What would happen if you combined those two?

Here’s the time to try it out on yourself.

What are your two favorite things to do?

what would you get if you combined those two?

Add it to your Tool Belt, Sow it to your Subconscious mind

Now that you have asked yourself these questions, You can tell your subconscious mind that there is a new tool in your tool belt. Say to yourself

“There is a new tool to use, It is called the Help Kids Flourish Question”

And this is how to do it: Be on the look out for clients with children, the next time I see that, ask the kids:

“What are your two favorite subjects?”

Listen, then ask:

“What would happen if you combined those two?”

This is part of you now; thoughts are things. 

How to use this in Customer Experience

So this method is simple enough to use, but I recommend not doing it yourself. Instead, you probably get more gratitude if you got the parents to do the questioning themselves. 

some examples I’ve come across were:

“Gym!” and “Writing / Language Arts”

Hmm, so you might become a sports writer one day?

“Basketball!” and “Photography”

Hmm, so you might become a MVP on your team and get your picture in the school newsletter?

You don’t have to give them the answer to the “What would you get if you combined the two” question, you could let the parents do that, or really, if you let the kids think of it themselves they could come up with their own ideas. 

With their own imaginations fired-up. Their lives could change just because they thought to combine two ideas together.