The Hawaiian Prayer of Forgiveness


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

How I use Ho’oponopono to help others:

                Ho’oponopono: is the Hawaiian method for living through inspiration as opposed to living by memory. It was recommended to me by my mother-in-law, and the universe attracted Joe Vitale’s and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len’s online program “Ho’oponopono Certification.” When this method is used, it can help people get a better control on life, and the effects are similar to the effects of: Dianetics, Psycho-cybernetics, and the being emotionally free, and other ideologies which stress control over one’s own mind. I use it to help others, and mainly myself. It useful in my life and I will share some examples where it has gotten me some great results. And finally, I have come to the conclusion that it truly works, and more importantly have analyzed “why it works,” to create a method of behavior which is a focused deliberate approach to get the benefits of Ho’oponopono when faced with everyday situations. I call this method: ”marketing.”

                With my limited knowledge of Scientology and it’s therapy: “Dianetics,” I say that this church stresses that your analytical mind is superior to the subconscious mind. If you give yourself a command, you will be able to achieve the result. Never does the analytical mind fail at execution, though poor results may happen, it is only because of the “garbage in: garbage out.” Rule.

This is like Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s “Psycho-cybernetics” regarding the subconscious mind and how you may mentally visualize new experiences to make new “memories,” which are no different to your subconscious mind from activities which you have actually done physically. This practice can improve your performance for the said activity. The goal of this idea is to get you comfortable with asking your servo-mechanism to solve problems for you. Which can be anything, Ho’oponopono is similar to this, the goal being to ask inspiration for an answer which is free of past memories. A somewhat original thought.

Where psycho-cybernetics says that you can improve your success of an activity through imagination, Scientology and Dianetics states that you could remove all subconscious emotional clutter in your life and set to a task by drawing from the best of your past experiences to confidently go ahead and be in total control of your results, by becoming ‘clear.’

Ho’oponopono is like these two ideas in that it states: in order to live a better life through inspiration, you must say the four phrases “I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me, and thank-you.” Which is to ‘clean.’ When we ‘clean,’ we have past memories bubble up in our minds when facing a task. The mind is hard wired to look for similarities in the current situation and what we have previously experienced. When you say these four phrases, you say them because something from the past has: ‘bubbled up.’ Usually, emotions from the subconscious, trying to help you survive. So, in essence: the four phrases acknowledge your past, and files them into a new attitude of love, humility and gratefulness. 

Which in turn forces your mind to look for the same in the situation at hand. This humble spirit does not allow you to “look back in anger.” And by law, you will find what you seek, and receive what you have asked for, and even open the doors to where you have just knocked. Inadvertently, the more you use the four phrases, the more you gradually lessen the attractiveness to emotions in general. The emotions that are called upon with the phrases, are some of the highest of all emotions. Faith, perhaps being the only thing higher.  However, the more you use the Ho’oponopono phrases, the less you desire to feel the emotions.

You wish more to be emotionally free (or at “zero”) we are taught to clean until, we reach this state. And when all emotions are removed, there are no more emotional memories of things which were ‘like’ and what we currently face. And thus, with all the things considered as we passed them up while cleaning, we receive a new perspective which we call ‘inspiration.’ Something completely new to us, but can only come from a good idea which is generally agreed upon the world-over… That idea of “not letting your emotions drive your car.”

Also, the result of the Dianetics therapy is to make someone a “clear.” But when we practice Ho’oponopono it is to become “clean.” Staying in the present, right at that moment, we clean then. Not allowing ourselves to believe that since we have become a “clear” with Dianetics therapy, we are set for the rest of our lives. As if “eating all the food you need to eat in a week in one day” to save time. I am not fully knowledgeable about Dianetics, I’m sorry, please forgive me, but I suspect that being a “clear” is more better than that. As if perhaps using memories to do the thing you wish confidently, and effectively.

So, what is Ho’oponopono good for? Well, emotional freedom, setting the tone of your thought towards a situation, being grateful for ‘inspiration,’ and a lot more. To grow and improve yourself, to love what you have become, to find something good about the situation… And, to use all six faculties of your mind. Dr. Len teaches that living by memory, will get you sick. People nowadays are saying that the school system is broken because they only teach and grade on memory. And if you keep on doing things by memory, you’d be a boring person anyway. The six faculties of mind are:

  1. Memory
  2. Perception
  3. Imagination
  4. Will
  5. Intuition              
  6. Reason

I have found that any new good clean inspiration satisfies all six of these faculties. Memory is a good faculty, but memory alone will not get you anywhere good. For example, if you want to make something better than an “iPad” – Apple. And all you could do with your brain is memory, that best you could do is build something out of synthetic creation, which would be like a Frankenstein mish-mash thing of technologies that already exist. To create something new, you would need to become good at using all your faculties. Going slow at first, but as we say, you “cannot run until you have learned to walk.” And the best kind of job you could do with memory alone, would be something like on an assembly line in some industrial age factory, you’d just have to remember what to do and how to do it.

The things I took away from Ho’oponopono and have integrated it into my corporate refreshing… Is as follows:

  1. Attitude is the most important thing, you must love yourself
  2. We can never really know if an action is good or bad, not until we see what comes out of it
  3. The difference between being entitled and privileged is: gratitude.
  4. With Dianetics your analytical mind is incapable of making errors it can be taught a new tricks
  5. This trick can be the Ho’oponopono “ha” as everyone knows how to breathe
  6. Since spirit is thought and we can broadcast thought, we can command people to “ha”
  7. Why stop at the “ha?” why not make all sorts of new tools.

I can help people with Ho’oponopono, because I can help them to not be so emotional. One mustn’t allow their emotions to get the better of them. But in order to control your emotions you must realize that emotions come from thoughts, super-conscious, conscious and unconscious. If we all practiced Ho’oponopono then we’d all be less prone to negative emotions. There is “no room in the big leagues for emotions.”

I’d love to share what I call “marketing” a new way of handling things which will come to pass. Here are the steps:

  1. Acknowledge your emotions.
  2. Use thoughts to see the good in the situation.
  3. Wrap it all up, and finish, by feeding your good heart.

The second step “see the good in anything,” Can be replaced with any thought really. I choose to do this because I like to be thankful. But someone in history used their thoughts to build a hydrogen bomb. Others yet, use it to draw out the best in everyone.

Inspiration is personal growth, and the love for that. If you love yourself more, you can be grateful more. Doors will open for other grateful things. And “if you have a grateful heart, there is not time to complain.” And that is how I can help people with my knowledge of Ho’oponopono.




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