Today’s lesson is on how to release guilt. 

Have you ever let your emotions get the best of you? Precious H.A.L.T. An acronym that suggests you to stop.  Hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  Halt..  stop. If you act in such states you are bound to regret your actions. 

Say you had done something while in such state or combination of state(s) and you are re… gret….ting.. this expression of your ‘H.A.L.T.’ .. you could not ‘Resist’ and now feel guilty. 

If you know that your world is being terrible and it’s nothing more than your emotions.. I have to ask.. is it worth the trouble? If it’s an emotion of guilt.. then perhaps you are doubting your self.  Perhaps if you chose to believe that it was for the best.  Or if you chose that you were wrong.  You would feel this way for a reason. 
Emotions happen it’s said because you believe something.  Something that you believe is causing this emotion. Because you might have went against it.  Or what if you are fearing repercussions.. revenge?

Should have used tact right? Did you break the first law in Dale Carnegie’s book? Don’t indulge in insults?

Or even more badly.. you broke a brule from a long time ago.. and the person who did this to you.. you.. we’re just trying to come to terms with the stupidness of such rule…

Why not choose the right emotion in the first place? Worry->joy