Detecting and Diminishing the Inner Critic

Detecting and exposing the inner critic. Then dealing with it accordingly. If you have a goal, and the idea is fresh you will have a bit of fear, this is normal. Only can call it resistance. That left brain of yours does not like things which it is not familiar with.

How to use the Disease Affirmation Blurt Method

This idea is documented in the book: “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Great book, btw, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Julie teaches you to unlock your inner artist. The morning pages are my personal favorite. I often get an insight or a gift from my creativity every time I do them. In the first lesson, we are told to say an affirmation. You can pick which one, but I’m going to pick “I am an artist.” The lesson teaches you to pay attention to your inner critic. When I said that, my left brain automatically said something negative. What an interesting phenomenon.


I revised this process to create something useful for people who were suffering a pain in the mind-body. Next time you have an ache or pain. I invite you to try this: Notice your pain Let’s take gout for example.

Say the opposite, “I have no gout.”

Listen for the thing that is like resistance.

The thing that opposed my health. What I got was the voice of my aunty.

She was using the carrot and stick method, causing hurt everytime I drank sugar. She means well, but I had not drank enough sugar to get gout. Her intentions made my mind believe that I did and as a result, my body experienced gout pain.

So now I know what I need to release. I’ll use affirmations to revise my aunt’s script. 

“I am healthy. All Pains will pass.” 

“I have made healthy choices today, and I feel healthy.”

I could also use EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques. But when you analyze EFT you will find that you are basically Suggesting to your Subconscious mind to release the pain, and feel healthy. Only you have  a behaviour to add to the thought and you have a faithful emotion.

These three things are the building blocks of CBT. The exercise of tapping can lead to pain relief because you are giving yourself a suggestion. And once accepted by your subconscious mind, it will happen. That’s a universal law.

Add it to your Tool Belt, Sow it to your Subconscious mind

Now that you have tried this method you can now ask yourself if there is any oppostion to your personal goal.

You can tell your subconscious mind that there is a new tool in your tool belt. Say to yourself

“There is a new tool to use, It is called the D-A-B Method which I will use to help myself and others to lessen resistance to goals.”

How to use this in Customer Experience

I decided to make a story for to demonstrate D-A-B in action. 

I’m shopping somewhere and there’s a fat man standing there, staring at 2-liter sodas.

Intent: Hey I’m going to help you, sir.

Suggest: I want you to get a booby trap ready. I’m going to ask you to say something, and as soon as something pops up, I want you to pretend like you put it into the trap.

Here we go, Say:

“I don’t want to get to a healthier weight.”

“I don’t want to lose weight.” He says.

“What did your inner critc just say? What is in the trap, sir?”

He replies: “I love 2-liter pops and and Sugar…”

“Ok, So if you do want to lose weight I’ll use my EFT+Qi Gong method and release the emotions of your unwanted resistance.

There is small sadness in his eyes after I do, he turns to me witha knowing look and says 

“Thanks, brother.”