Like Water, Emotion Always Seeks Its Own Level

Not many people know about their emotions. Some people couldn’t even tell you the name of the emotion that they are experiencing. But from Chinese medicine, I have discovered that there is a natural progression of emotions. There are 5 in Chinese medicine, and there are 7 in Western philosophy. They are quite similar. 

Know thy natural cycle of emotions

Anybody who isn’t emotionally mature enough to choose their own emotions will go through a natural cycle. The soul automatically does this to create a balance.

There will be a list of the emotions at the end. What’s coming up next is an exercise you can try to see if you also progress through the 5 emotions in the order that is described in Eastern medicine.

Test Your Natural Emotional Balance How-to

We’ll use this CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) tool to set up the first emotion. Let’s start with FEAR

In CBT each circle affects the other two. So to get in a state of fear:

Think: “That’s scary!” think about something that scares you, Loud noise, Heights?

Get your body to behave as-if, recoil a bit. Perhaps Freeze Flight or Fight. 

Changing your behavior and thoughts will naturally make the emotion of fear.

When you are scared,

Pay attention to how you are feeling.

When there is a shift in emotion name it.

Click “SHOW” to see if you got it right.








That is the complete Round, Were you able to follow along?

Add it to your Tool Belt, Sow it to your Subconscious mind

Now that you have learned about the natural balance of emotions, or how emotion like water seeks its own level, you can tell your subconscious mind that there is a new tool in your tool belt. Say to yourself

“There is a new tool to use, It is called the Emotional Wheel”

How to use this in Customer Experience

By setting up a bit of fear in your client, they will naturally go through the rest of the emotions in the order listed above. How can we get the customer to experience a bit of fear? Easy, either with the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy method described above or using Energy. Send some energy to the points under the eye, that is the acupuncture point for the Stomach and for Fear. 

If you are interested in a list of emotions and their corresponding meridian points (the ones used in EFT –  Emotional Freedom Techniques) CLICK HERE

You can test it out to see if this idea is valid, for one. And knowing what to anticipate can give you an idea of what to offer at what point. 

I once shared this with a lady at the local coffee shop. While taking our Sunday morning coffees we smiled and had a small chat. She was pleasant enough so I wanted to engage her with an experience. As I usually do with ladies, I asked her if she wanted to play a game.

The emotional wheel game

That day I asked the source to guide me. And it told me to embed a command into the wheel at the point of Pensiveness. The lady and I watched the body language of another customer for a while. At the next time, he was pensive we directed our thoughts to him, we wanted him to make eye contact with one of us.

He did as we willed. This is just a small example of what you can do, it’s so much more interesting if you and a partner cater to one target, the possibilities are endless.