Clear Money Blocks with EFT



Top 10 Disempowering beliefs (money blocks)

1. I’m not good with money.
2. I don’t have a head for business.
3. Only people who are good at business
can be successful.
4. All the good people already have jobs or
are too expensive for me to hire.
5. I hate marketing.
6. I’m not a salesman/woman.
7. People who sell things are dishonest/
8. I can’t find/afford the help I need.
9. I just want to stick to what I’m good at,
and let someone else handle the rest.
10. I just want someone to tell me what to

Use EFT to Clear them and Install better beliefs

Change them into these Empowering Beliefs
About Money & Success

1. I’m good with money.
2. Anyone can be successful, including me.
3. I’m confident I’ll find the right people to
support me at the right times.
4. I’m confident that I’ll be able to afford the
help I need at the right times.
5. Marketing is a new and important part of
my success.
6. Anyone can become good at marketing,
including me.
7. By selling quality products and services,
I’m helping people find much-needed
solutions to problems.
8. I want to spend most of my time doing
what I’m good at, and am also willing to
learn and practice new skills.
9. I am confident in my ability to lead myself
toward a successful future.
10. I can learn how to start, run, and grow a



If you know about the “law of attraction” you will understand why having such a shift is crucial to manifesting your goals. Because a positive abundant perspective works a lot better.

If you want to attract money, fixing your vibration by releasing these fears is a great way and a great help. It’s how to work it from the inside-out.


To try Tapping right away…

In the video below, Carol Look leads you through a tapping session to help you release negative emotions about money. You can experience this for free by following along and tapping.

Here are where the meridian points are:


You can’t really command someone on the outside to affect your inside. Even if they did what you told them to, you’re the one responsible for the emotional shift.

We know that you can only succeed if your self-image is in harmony with your goal. That is why right after you follow along with this tapping sequence it would be beneficial for you to read the affirmations below the video. Say them out loud and continue tapping with your new vibration. Make them your own.

Let’s clear money blocks with EFT, Follow along



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Affirmations to install:

If you want to really see results, tap along with EFT and also program your subsonscious with Dr. Joseph Murphy



Think about these healthy new affirmations. Picture a new self-image that is rich in this way and give this future you a name.