Here’s to a “sow what” attitude


To get he had tried,
yet his store was still meager.
To a wise man he cried,
in a voice keen and eager;
Pray tell me how I may successfully live?
And the wise man replied,
“To get you must give.”

As to giving he said,
“What have I to give?”
I’ve scarce enough bread,
and of course one must live;
But I would partake of Life’s bountiful
store. Came the wise man’s response;
“Then you must give more.”

The lesson he learned;
to get was forgotten,
Toward mankind he turned
with a love new begotten.
As he gave of himself in useful living,
Then joy crowned his days,
for he grew rich in giving. 

― Arthur William Beer

Hey! It certainly has been a long time. I had a job at some web design company. It was good. I left. About making webpages for business, I abandoned that too. I realized that people wanting to get more customers with webpages were usually disappointed.

How many would go to the webpage?

How many of those would like it enough to give their business try?

Peoples tastes are different.

And no one webpage can satisfy, and please everyone. 

NO webpage can get a 100% conversion ratio… 

That is.. Calling the business “at-once,” upon viewing…

Isn’t it less naive to try and get your customers to talk to their friends about your service?
So I started making customer service applications. Systems which guaranteed unforgettable customer service, something to talk about with friends. Viral social currency and the best part? The business shows the client: how. Making marketing a cooperation between client and business. How ’bout you, my friend, how are you doing?
Ps. May I show you an example? Fill in the form, and I will.

How do you use your business to make the world a better place?

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    Humans are emotional animals.

    They want emotions.

    If you can provide one of the following you will be in business for a very long time

    1. Emotional Stimulation
    2. Psychological Relief
    3. Higher Status
    4. What other people want

    Luckily for you, it’s easier than you think.

    To make an emotion all you have to do is tweak these three things.

    So think of someone you love, cover your heart in respect and say thanks.

    It’s easy to control how you feel.