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Positive Self Image.

There are ways to help someone get a more positive self-image.

  • Life becomes simpler and lighter. Loving yourself more will make things lighter and easier. You won’t jump at the chance to get down on yourself.  Things which you used perceive as huge negative setbacks, will be looked at as small challenges. Remember, to fail forward, after all, if you make a  mistake, you can learn something from it.
  • You’ll have more emotional balance and self-sabotage less. By realizing if you are object-oriented, you can switch to become spirit-oriented. Opinions of others won’t phase you, and such things will become useless. You don’t need people to tell you, “you are good;” If they do, just say thanks.
    Increasing self-esteem and self-love also coupled with gratitude… Allows you to accept the good things in life and so you will naturally stop self-sabotage less and go after goals which seemed impossible before. Motivated and focused, is that a better self-image than what you left behind?

The best service is to

increase the life of a client.

This can be done by giving them

a positive self-image.


To draw on their unique desires

and to improve their mental faculties.


-Mr. Ehch


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what is in them already,
and give them a positive self-image to remember
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