Adding Value to Your Business


“To get he had tried,
yet his store was still meager.
To a wise man he cried,
in a voice keen and eager;
Pray tell me how I may successfully live?
And the wise man replied,
“To get you must give.”

As to giving he said,
“What have I to give?”
I’ve scarce enough bread,
and of course one must live;
But I would partake of Life’s bountiful
store. Came the wise man’s response;
“Then you must give more.”

The lesson he learned;
to get was forgotten,
Toward mankind he turned
with a love new begotten.
As he gave of himself in useful living,
Then joy crowned his days,
for he grew rich in giving.” 

― Arthur William Beer

Use these Techniques to Add Value

Value you can give to customers.
Always give more in use-value than you take in cash-value
When asked “which would you prefer, a discount or these ideas?’
Customers always choose the high-value ideas which they can share with their friends


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