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Universal Law of relativity
Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity 

Nothing in this world can be classified, without comparing it to something else. Black is black because it is compared to white. Hot is hot only when compared to cold. What would good be without bad? So, what is small and what is large? It can only be that way: when we compare and relate. 

How to get more tips waitressing | universal law of relativity
God Hand Law

UniversalLawlyPop: It is what it is, but this universal law will help you see it in relation to something else. So it can be bigger or smaller. Better or worse than. Or it can help you take what you have, and increase the value of it, just by reasoning what would make it that way.

General Manager: This is great, we can help people to encourage people. Since there is always something better. And we can help people who are having a hard time. We’d just have to remind them to be grateful. Grateful that it is not worse.

Why you should work this Universal Law

This will benefit your professional life and your personal life. Using universal laws is a skill that will benefit you and everyone around you. The customers are happy, so you’ll get more out of work. Your boss will be happy because of your new style. And your service might just get your clients talking to their friends, showing them their new shiny gift. Which would make your boss even more happy. If you ever start a business, you’re going to know that this is one of the things which works. In this way, it’s better than a webpage for getting new clients.

Spiral of emotions upward and downward levels of vibration

How to work this Universal Law

How to start:

As always, to get the ball rolling, tune into the person intuitively. Get curious about whether anyone had thanked them lately. We’ll work with this fact. And remember we want to empower this person so perhaps they can use this knowledge to improve their skills. As we can see in the diagram below, empowerment gets people in a really high vibration.


This is an example to show you how to work for this law. A method is by using your intuition.

Take the ball of gratitude and see how it feels in your body. That is called intuition. Now use the law of relativity, by thinking what would be bigger, and look intuitively again. Or you could look for something which is smaller.

Through work:

Or you can do it with work. For example, we’ll count walking as work. If you are able to stand. Take one step with the intention of using the law.

Let one foot be the grateful feeling. take a step with the intent of using the law of relativity. Try for something bigger, the distance between that and your other foot will be that. Try to point to the distance to see if you get a difference in body language.

Here’s another idea, do your work on two items on the menu, make one for SMALLER and one for BIGGER then use these items. Just point to one. Shelbi Gibson:  exactly. What is monumental to some may be insignificant to others.

How to Share this Law

Sharing is easy, all you have to do is tell our friend to seek it, ask for it or knock on the door where it is.

It’s all relative, bigger or smaller. Better or worse.

There is always another way to add to what you already have. Or another way to look at it.

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CONTROL – using the 12-sided fidget cube to learn Universal Laws Spirituality

Control using the 12 sided fidget cube to learn the universal laws spirituality
12 sided fidget cube for Universal Laws

Buttons of the 12 Sided Fidget Cube

 12 sided fidget cube - Silicone Rope
Silicone Rope
12 sided fidget cube - Soft Silicone
Soft Silicone
12 sided fidget cube - Worry Stone
Worry Stone
12 sided fidget cube - Switch
12 sided fidget cube - Joystick
12 sided fidget cube - Silicone Ball
Silicone Ball
12 sided fidget cube - The Minions
The Minions
12 sided fidget cube - Sliding Block
Sliding Block
12 sided fidget cube - Gears
12 sided fidget cube - Gears
Soft Button
12 sided fidget cube - Rotating Disk
Rotating Disk

Universal Laws

Universal Law of Cause and Effect
Law of Cause and Effect
Universal Law of relativity
Law of Relativity
Universal Law of Vibration and Attraction
Law of Vibration and Attraction
Universal Law of Gender
Law of Gender
Universal Law of perpetual transmutation
Universal Law of Rhythm
Law of Rhythm
Universal Law of polarity
Law of polarity

CONTROL – Using the 12 sided Fidget Cube with the Universal Laws

This book teaches by example, the seven universal laws. 

It offers a method of easy to do fidgeting on the 12-sided fidget cube, all while focusing on the laws. This helps people to get used to the ida of how to “work in a certain way.” Soon you should be able to do while just performing your regular duties.

If you have ever heard the teachers say in order to get wealthy in business, you must act in a “certain way,” you’d recall that that way is: “by law.”

Also, we are told that it does not matter what work you do, as long as you do “by law.”

combining these two truths and simplifying the connection between thought and work, 

“CONTROL – using the 12-sided fidget cube with the universal laws” aims to offer a way to slowly grow the habits of consideration and thoughtfulness. A character of integrity will come from this work to all who need it. With “truth” being the byproduct of working in this way.

Includes a sheet of this set of universal laws for quick reference.


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