How to make more tips as a waitress

gifts of useful living - 001 - forgivenmessHow to make more tips serving. Whether you are a waitress, bartender, hair stylist or driver! This is an easy and effective way which was shared by thought leader: Bob Proctor and FBI negotiator Chris Voss

Training for wait staff. 


Waiters and Waitresses!

Seasoned or New.

Easy to apply and a joy to master.

How to give better customer service and really stand out.

The boss will notice that you are a huge asset to the company.

  • The customers are happy
  • You are happy
  • the Boss is happy.

You can put this on your resume,

“Refreshed and Empowered Fellow Servers.” 

Since this training will help you and your fellow workers:

  1. Master your emotions.
  2. Create a positive atmosphere in your restaurant.
  3. Develop character
  4. Utilize the Law of attraction

Everyone involved will be better for it

You might even get a promotion!

To do this You must give something which costs: nothing.

Step one:

Find out what the person has done which someone else is grateful for.

Here’s how to use the laws with your intuition:

Your body is a tool, it can be used to create vibrations. When you select a thought and put it into your subconscious, your body will respond. Listen to your strong heart. But try using these Universal laws in this way…

“Although the world might be big, it can always fit in your heart.” – Vin Diesel.

So in order to figure out what your customer has done which someone else is grateful for…

Using The Law of Cause and Effect

Everything you do, think or feel has a cause and effect.
If you understand this you can have the effect that you want by knowing the cause of it (usually a thought). Find out what it is, and execute it.


-Law of Cause and Effect

Let the effect be the other person’ s gratitude, and ask your intuition how it was caused by your customer. Remember, just turn this over to your subconscious and let your intuition answer.


Or Using The Law of Gender

Every seed takes a male and female counterpart working together. Thoughts are seeds, and they will bear fruit when the time is right.

-Law of Gender

Let the vibration of the other person’s gratitude be the seed, the other person, the other part. Then let what the person did be the other part, the part which you seek. Remember, just turn this over to your subconscious and let your intuition answer.

Here’s how to Mirror properly:

Remember to follow it up with a silent wave of PRAISE 🙂


Life is an echo.

What you send out, 
comes back
What you sow,
you reap.
What you give,
you get.
What you see in others,
exists in you


Some things to think about:

Notice how “Empowerment” is one of the highest emotions?

And why studying this training will empower and relax you.



It’s not the following:

Wear Something in Your Hair (Women)
Lightly Touch Customers (Women)
Introduce Yourself by Name (Men and Women)
Create Reciprocity (Men and Women)
Repeat the Customer’s Order (Men and Women)
Provide Good Service (Men and Women)
Sell a Bigger Total Bill
Personalize Your Appearance
Give Customers a Drawing
Make a Weather Forecast
Use Customer Names
Give Gifts
Introduce yourself by name
Squat down to talk to customers
Smile a lot
Write “Thank You” on the bill
Touch a customer’s hand or shoulder briefly
Provide Good Service
Work Better Shifts
Move to a Better Position
Get Better Customers




  1. Law of Cause and Effect
  2. Law of Gender
  3. Law of Vibration and Attraction
  4. Law of Rhythm
  5. Law of Polarity
  6. Law of Relativity
  7. Law of Perpetual Transumation


Share this with a server, have a good day!

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how to make more tips
make more tips serving
how to make more tips serving