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Chinese Character Tattoos

Classes Online, Do it yourself!

Are you a graphic designer with a penchant for drawing? Or a fine artist looking for commercial work? Or a student looking to develop a primary career as an illustrator? Either way, you’re reading this because you want to improve your illustration skills. Taking an online drawing class is a great way to learn new illustration techniques or software, at a low cost or for free. Even if you’re a pro, there are lots of high level courses online for those looking to fine-tune certain skills or learn about new digital illustration methods.



Adobe Illustrator

  • CC subscription ($19.99/ month)

Character Tattoo Class includes:

Pro-Level Email Processing System 

  • which you can sell for $100
  • give to clients so they can raise money for a tattoo
  • seller keeps all profits

Book “The Might of Character Building”

  • includes a lesson on how to use sense and character
  • and also why “Despacito” was a hit song

20 Different Starter Chinese fonts

  • simply unpack and install

Gallery of all works created thus far

  • Free for you to do with as you please

*In-depth how-to-create videos and rights to all things which are co-created. Technical assistance by email and screen share.

Tuition: $150

Apply here: